No one likes to clean jewelry. We have better things to do and with all of the different stones, metals and mystery stuff out there, knowing how to clean any one piece of jewelry can be confusing. 


Different metals react to skin oils, lotion, makeup and all of the other concoctions we put on our bodies. Moisture and the air that surrounds us, in addition to the chemicals and contaminants in pools, spas and other watery delights can play havoc with our jewelry. We call it tarnish. Tarnish is the enemy. There may not be a sure fire way to eliminate tarnish, but with a few simple steps you can slow down the process dramatically.  There are many products that can help you keep your jewelry looking fresh and clean. I have assembled some of these items for you. 


With the Mi Juleree Care Kit you can take care of 5 pieces of small jewelry. How often you wear a piece of jewelry, the products you use on your skin and your environment determine how long your jewelry will look fresh and clean.


2 - 5” x 5.75” White Buff Cloths:  

Specially treated to remove tarnish and grime. Use on all metals.


5 Each - 7.5” x 7.5” (approx.)
Non-Tarnish Jewelers Tissue Paper: 

This non-tarnish paper is ideal for use with silver and other
sensitive metals. 
The shelf life is approximately five years.


5 Each - 1” x 1” Anti-Tarnish Squares:

The squares protect for up to six months (up to one year in a
sealed environment) and are safe for silver, nickel, copper,
bronze, brass, tin and gold.


5 Each - Silica Gel Moisture Absorbent Packets: 

Absorbs water vapor that can significantly contribute to tarnish. 

One packet per piece of jewelry. Longevity depends on your environment. The dryer the environment, the longer they will last.


5 Each - 4” x 4” Plastic Zip Lock Bags: 

Store each piece of jewelry separately. The bags are biodegradable.


1 Each - Mi Juleree Care Guide

Mi Juleree Care Kit includes:



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